Yoga Room opens at San Francisco Airport

The airport has opened a self-service yoga room for passengers to de-stress after passing security.

Yoga Room opens at San Francisco Airport

Source: San Francisco International Airport

Not so long ago, airports were sterile buildings we passed through to go somewhere else.

Today, a growing number of airports are trying to turn themselves into destinations instead of departure points, with many providing services that you would not ordinarily expect at an airport.

San Francisco Airport today opened what it claims to the world’s first dedicated yoga room at an airport.

Charles Schuler, a spokesperson for San Francisco International Airport, said: “The whole theme of Terminal 2 was adding back a sense of glamour to travel, a sense of humanity to travel.

“Adding a yoga room seemed like a natural extension.”

Located past the security checkpoint, the self-service yoga room is separated from the rest of the terminal with a glass wall and door, with dimmed lighting to create a relaxed mood.

It also supplies yoga mats but no towels.

The airport also has a spa and an art museum where travellers can relax and unwind after enduring airport security.

What features or attractions would you like to see at the airport that would encourage you to arrive at the airport early?

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