UFO tree house hotel sighted in Sweden; offers travellers an ‘out of this world’ stay

Beam me up Scotty! A UFO hotel has landed in Sweden as part of a hotelier's ambitious project to build some of the world's most unique accommodation.

UFO tree house hotel sighted in Sweden; offers travellers an 'out of this world' stay

Source: treehotel.se

No, we’re not being invaded by aliens. This UFO isn’t from outer space – it’s actually a tree house, and it’s looking to abduct guests willing to pay for an out of this world experience.

The UFO is the latest addition to the Treehotel’s portfolio of quirky accommodation in northern Sweden, designed by Swedish architects.

The ‘spaceship’ is built for a family of four, with separate bedrooms, a bathroom and living area contained within 30 square metres of space.

Getting beamed up to your pod isn’t part of the experience; instead you will need a head for heights as the only way up is by ladder.

If you’re not into sci-fi, the treehotel’s other unusually themed treehouses include a ‘birds nest’, perched four metres off the ground with luxury touches such as underfloor heating, and the futuristic ‘Mirrorcube,’ with mirrored walls and a private balcony….if you don’t mind seeing your own reflection when you step outside in the morning.

It’s no surprise that a night in such unique accommodation isn’t cheap.

A room at ‘The UFO’ in northern Sweden costs a little under 4,000 Swedish Kronor (£380) per night for two people.

Do you love the idea of sleeping inside a spaceship? Let us know below.

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