The “Hop” – a suitcase that follows you around the airport

The humble suitcase has been given legs (so to speak). The "Hop" is a robotic suitcase that lets you go hands-free at the airport.

The suitcase that doesn't like being left behind

Overpackers take note: this could be the invention that changes your life forever. Or it could also be the most gimmicky travel accessory you’ve ever seen.

The “Hop” as it’s been called, is a suitcase that you don’t have to lug through the airport. You don’t even need to pick it up, as it follows you wherever you go – a bit like a lost puppy.

The inventors behind it have developed a prototype with technology that locks onto the bluetooth signal on your phone and moves towards it.

If your mobile phone loses its signal, the suitcase locks itself and alerts you by vibrating your phone.

Perhaps the idea behind naming the suitcase “Hop” is that it could in theory replace the hotel bell hop by following you to your room.

We can see the Hop being useful for those who are less mobile, but then again having a suitcase on the loose isn’t the best way to keep your bag safe from prowling eyes.

If only it could jump off the baggage carousel for you and get in and out of a taxi by itself…

Here’s a video demo of how it works:

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