Take a nap in snoozecube sleeping pods at Dubai Airport

The mini hotel room provides a little enclosed space for passengers looking for extra privacy, comfort and somewhere to lay their head.

Take a nap in Snoozecube sleeping pods at Dubai Airport

Passengers facing flight delays, cancellations or long transits at Dubai International Airport now have the option to rent out a micro-hotel room inside the terminal.

The sleeping pod or ‘snoozecube’ provides a little enclosed space for passengers looking for extra privacy, a step up in comfort from terminal seating and somewhere to lay their head.

Each snoozecube is minimalist but functional, with enough room to squeeze in a single bed, TV offering music and movies and a little hanger space.

High-speed internet access is also inclusive, enabling passengers to plug in to their laptops from the privacy of their pod.

The creator behind the concept – New Zealander, Larry Swann – plans to introduce more snoozecube pods across the airport.

The pods are located at airport departures, Terminal 1 adjacent to Gate 122 and cost Dh65 (EUR 11/$16) per hour to rent.

Snoozing pods popular at airports

Renting out a sleeping pod inside an airport terminal is proving to be quite popular among passengers – particularly among those in need of a good power nap while in transit after crossing multiple time zones.

At Munich airport’s Terminal 2, passengers can rent out napcabs at the gate that are equipped with a bed, desk, internet connection and power plug.

Vancouver International Airport has a similar concept – called ‘MetroNaps’ and Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International airport recently introduced pods, or ‘Sleepboxes’ in airside areas post-security.

What others have said

  1. I have sent information regarding a booking for a snoozecube twice (night of 19/20 July)and have not received a reply. Does anyone know how to do this? Help!

    • Sometimes staying apart is the best love botoser; it makes you appreciate even more how wonderful and special actually is the everyday life together. Enjoy! :) Looooove the rose, your brushstrokes always amaze me. They seem so loose and happy, but each one makes so much sense. :)

  2. Hi,

    I’m planning to take a trip in the next two weeks & I wanted to find out that how can I book for the snooze cube & pay for it in advance?

    Can you please send me more details.



  3. I slept in one of those cubes on transit in Dubai. Quite comfortable, AC works fine and they wake you up before boarding time.
    Great service for tired long haulers.

  4. Sorry Cindy but you are wrong on 2 points. 1. You did not actually create it nor did those other millions of people. You just all imagined how nice it would be to have something like this in the airport while you were arguing exhausted. 2. There was no Venture Capitalist, it was done through years of hard work and believing.

  5. Great article..yet again!! However “The creator behind the concept – New Zealander, Larry Swann”…ahem, I (and I am sure millions of other travellers) created this concept over a decade ago while arguing fruitlessly at airline Customer Service desks when airlines stopped putting delayed passengers up in hotels for the hours of delay they had to endure…”but why AREN’T there any short term beds availble in the airports???”…it didn’t take a giant leap of faith for the Venture Capitalists to back Larry.

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