Noisy children: airlines asked to consider adult-only flights amid latest survey

A survey among regular business class passengers has singled out children as the most annoying part of the cabin experience.

adults only in the plane cabin

A survey among regular business class passengers has singled out children as the most annoying part of the in-flight experience.

Three quarters of 1000 premium-paying passengers who took part in the British survey said that nothing annoyed them more than children running through the business class aisle or hearing noisy children and babies in economy class.

The findings of the small-scale survey, carried out ahead of the Business Travel and Meetings Show, which will be held in London next week, call on airlines to consider introducing child-free flights or separate families-only zones in the plane cabin.

Of the other complaints made in the survey, paying for full-price tickets and seeing economy passengers getting an upgrade irritated 18% of business travellers. While 15% of travellers wanted more privacy away from economy passengers.

Today (February 2), flight comparison site skyscanner reissued its findings from a previous poll which identified children as the biggest annoyance in the cabin among passengers.

Over half (59%) of the 2,000 travellers who took part in the poll wanted to see “family only” sections on flights.

Of those who were parents, 45% said they didn’t want a families-only section, as they didn’t want to sit next to “other people’s horrors.”

Skyscanner’s PR Manager Mary Porter commented: “If passengers are prepared to pay extra for child-free flying, perhaps the solution is a premium, adults-only section, rather than a pre-allocated families section, giving airlines yet another extra they can charge for? I am sure this service would prove really popular on routes that attract a lot of families such as flights to Orlando.”

The poll also asked travellers to solve the problem of noisy children on flights, with popular suggestions including the provision of a baby nursery and only allowing well-behaved children to travel.

Talking point: if airlines could legally introduce families-only zones in the cabin or adults-only flights, are they a good idea or a non-starter? Please share your comments, below.

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