Microsoft and Novotel’s new “hotel room of the future” is high-tech heaven

The recently opened Room '3120' at a Novotel in Paris showcases the latest in forward thinking-design and technology.

Microsoft and Novotel's new "hotel room of the future" is high-tech heaven

Are you tired of seeing iPod docks and flat screen TVs branded as “the latest technology” in your hotel room? Yearning for something a bit more 2012? You may be in luck.

Hotel chain Novotel and software giant, Microsoft want to reinvent the hotel room experience and have unveiled their concept for the “hotel room of the future”.

The recently opened Room ’3120′ at the 4-star Novotel Vaugirard Montparnasse in Paris is designed to showcase the latest in forward thinking-design.

It is also equipped with enough high-tech gadgetry to keep even the most cynical technophobe occupied for hours.

Room 3120 allows guests to control their room environment through body gesture and voice recognition through an Xbox 360 gaming console, which feature in each room and come with Microsoft’s motion-sensing Kinect technology.

This provides guests with access to multimedia content with the wave of a hand.

A mirror in the room is also based on the same Kinect technology and responds to hand gestures by displaying news, local weather or multimedia content in graphic or text form.

The concept room is designed to suit couples, families and business travellers and is divided into two main spaces – one for entertainment and the other for relaxing.

One room is equipped with a fold-up bed for space saving and the other serves as an entertainment space with multimedia experiences and as a play area for kids.

A surface multimedia table replaces the traditional hotel room desk. Using hand gestures, guests can access applications ranging from web browsing and board games to interactive city maps.

Guests can pay to stay overnight in the room until February 2012, with one catch: Novotel is asking for feedback from guests as it considers introducing some of the features in other rooms in future.

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