London cable car ‘Emirates Air Line’ to open on June 28

The cable car will swing into action next week, offering commuters and visitors a quick way to cross the Thames while taking in aerial views of the capital.

London’s first cable car – known as Emirates Air Line– will open to the public next week, taking passengers across the Thames and parts of London.

The crossing between the 02 Arena and the ExCel centre in East London will take just five minutes.

‘Emirates Air Line’ was named after the Dubai-based airline that has signed a £36 million deal to sponsor the service over the next ten years.

Around two million passengers are expected to use the new cable car each year – which will take in aerial views of the City, Canary Wharf and the Olympic Park.

A one-way cash ticket will cost £4.30 for an adult, or £3.20 for Oyster card users (£6.40 for a return fare), according to Transport for London (TfL).

Regular users will be able to buy a “frequent flyer” pass and make 10 single journeys for £16.

The service will initially run from 7am to 9pm during weekdays; 8am to 9pm on Saturdays and 9am to 9pm on Sundays.

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