Giant £4.2m outdoor escalator built for one of Colombia’s poorest hillside slums

The escalator replaces the painstaking hike up hundreds of steps to the city, cutting commutes from 30 minutes to just six.

Giant £4.2m outdoor escalator built for one of Colombia's poorest hillside slums

The residents of one of Colombia’s poorest neighbourhoods have only known one way to get around their hillside slum: a sweaty hike up hundreds of steps.

But now, they can make the journey effortlessly by escalator.

A 1,260ft long outdoor escalator has been built in the hillside shantytown of Comuna 13 in Medellin, cutting the commute to and from the city centre from 30 minutes to just six.

The £4.2m social project – which aims to serve 12,000 residents – is designed to improve standards of living in an area with a history of gang violence and drug trafficking.

The giant escalator – which has been built in sections – is uncovered, but officials say they plan to plan to build a roof to shelter locals from adverse weather.

Meanwhile, officials from Rio de Janeiro are said to be exploring whether to build something similar for residents living in Brazil’s favelas (slums).

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