“EuroVegas” casino strip plan for Spain: Will it be in Madrid or Barcelona?

In July, American tycoon Sheldon Adelson is expected to reveal which of Spain's two largest cities has been chosen for his planned 'Vegas' strip.

Europe's first Las Vegas-style casino strip coming to Madrid or Barcelona

A casino magnate wants to woo tourists and create jobs by bringing some Las Vegas style glitz and glamour to Spain - but is it the answer to the country's economic crisis?

The final decision on whether Madrid or Barcelona will host a £13bn Las Vegas-style tourist and casino resort is expected in early July, investors say.

Sheldon Adelson, chairman and CEO of US gambling giant, Las Vegas Sands is behind the planned mega casino development, dubbed “EuroVegas.”

The project envisioned by Adelson is to build a mini Vegas strip of 12 hotels, six casinos, nine theatres and three golf courses.

If the Spanish government approves the investment, the strip would be built in three phases over the next 10 years.

While Madrid is thought to be Adelson’s first choice for the site, Barcelona is also seen as an attractive option for bringing in tourists, as one of Europe’s busiest ports.

Adelson is betting on Spain’s recovery from the Eurozone crisis and estimates that the project could draw 11 million new tourists each year, and create 260,000 jobs that would boost Spain’s struggling economy.

However not everyone is keen on Spain hosting a European ‘Sin City’.

Critics believe that creating jobs in casinos and hotels isn’t the answer to tackling Spain’s unemployment levels and argue that EuroVegas will encourage gambling and bring more criminality to the country.

A vast amount of space would also be needed to build the site: an estimated equivalent of 1,000 football fields.

What do you think about the plans? Are they what the economy needs or should Spain be looking to generate revenue elsewhere? Please leave your comments below.

What others have said

  1. I agree with whoever said Barcelona has too much of a I WANT TO BE MY OWN COUNTRY attitude because several places are like this in Spain and this is a country crying about their economy but fails to teach or learn English as a normal part of business like the rest of the world. ( even the Germans know to do this )

    The truth is regardless, that this would be a much better development in Valencia because of the near year round temperature for beach visitors and it would compliment the new amusement park being built in Malaga but Catalonia is my choice to Madrid.

  2. Barcelona is totally against that, almost nobody wants that step back in what is slowly becoming the Boston of Europe mainly in Biotech and mobile technologies. Eurovegas would stop it all, some studies confirm, and that is trying to be hidden to the citicens by expensive law firms.

  3. Many people are in favor of this project in Spain, and although many prefer Madrid, but Barcelona would be one of the best places because it has many more tourist attractions and could benefit everyone. In http://www.eurovegasbarcelona.com we have Spanish surveys of expressing an opinion on this Eurovegas

  4. As a visitor I prefer EuroVegas in Barcelona, but as a shareholder Madrid would bring more profit for Adelson, because…

    1) Barcelona has too many “distractions”!! Tons of beautiful places you must visit once you’re there, e.g. Gaudi buildings, the beach, super cool restaurants, etc. This means the percentage of time and money people would spend “inside EuroVegas” would for sure be significantly lower than in Madrid. Madrid is also quite nice, but Barcelona is “way too nice” to compete with Adelson’s own attractions…

    2)Lots of Spanish people don’t like going to Barcelona because of their independentist catalan attitude (even if they love the city). While in Madrid everyone feels welcome, even catalans.

    So, does Adelson want some extra “visitors” (Barcelona) or greater “profits” (Madrid)?

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