easyJet to hand out free tickets if your flight is delayed by more than 15 minutes

The free flight is only available for passengers travelling on Flexi fares on delayed arriving flights.

Source: AP

Arriving late at your destination when you have an important meeting scheduled can be pretty frustrating.

But perhaps it would be a different story if your airline offered you a free ticket if your arriving flight was slightly delayed?

That is the new service promise easyJet is offering premium customers travelling on ‘Flexi fare’ tickets, as the budget airline continues to move upmarket to win over more business class travellers, who are making up a bigger slice of its customer base.

Passengers on Flexi fares will now receive a free ticket anywhere on the airline’s network if their flight arrival is delayed by more than 15 minutes, easyJet’s CEO, Carolyn McCall announced this week.

But its latest on-time performance figures suggest that the airline won’t be handing out too many freebies. According to easyJet, 82.6 percent of its arrivals were within 15 minutes of schedule between May and August 2011– up from 59.3 percent during the same period last year.

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