British Airways voted best airline; Ryanair voted worst in UK survey

BA, Virgin Atlanrtic and Thomson Airways are the top three favourite airlines among Brits, according to a new survey.

British Airways may no longer call itself ‘the world’s favourite airline’ after replacing the slogan with “To Fly. To Serve” - but its popularity with British travellers remains firmly intact, according to a new survey.

BA has been voted the best airline and Ryanair the worst, a poll of UK travellers by comparison site, shows.

3,000 Brits were asked to vote for their best and worst airlines based on cost, service and overall comfort of their journey.

BA topped the list of favourite airlines with 19.1% of the votes, followed by Virgin Atlantic in second place.

Charter airlines Thomas Cook, Thomson Airways and Monarch also made the top ten best list and the highest ranked foreign airlines were Emirates and Singapore Airlines, with American Airlines in joint 10th place with Qantas.

The 10 Best Airlines

Rank Airline % of votes
1 British Airways 19.1%
2 Virgin Atlantic 13.8%
3 Thomson Airways 6.4%
4 easyJet 4.9%
5 emirates 3.7%
6 Thomas Cook 3.3%
7 Singapore Airlines 2.7%
8 Monarch 2.5%
9 Ryanair 2.1%
10 American Airlines and Qantas 1.6%

Ryanair topped the list in the worst airline category with a 19.3% majority, followed by easyJet in second place.

Gocompare said some travellers were moved enough about their experiences to add extra comments to the survey.

The company’s travel head, Jeremy Cryer said: “Clearly some airlines will get your holiday off to a better start than others and it’s interesting that even with the bucket shop pricing of the budget airlines, plenty of passengers still don’t consider their service good value-for-money.

“Our research found that while some people will put up with poor service in return for low fares, many have vowed never to fly with a particular airline again.”

British Airways didn’t strike a chord with everyone surveyed, with 5.9% of participants voting it the worst airline – showing the challenge among airlines to keep all of their customers happy.

The 10 Worst Airlines

Rank Airline % of votes
1 Ryanair 19.3%
2 easyJet 12.1%
3 British Airways 5.9%
4 Monarch 4.4%
5 Thomas Cook 2.7%
6 Thomson Airways 2.5%
7 Virgin Atlantic 1.7%
8 Jet2 1.4%
9 American Airlines 1.2%
10 Flybe 1.1%

Other research by Gocompare found that 40% of travellers would prefer not to sit near families with young children, while 17% think alcoholic drinks should be banned on planes.

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