The ultimate Christmas gifts: Travel edition

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? From a crumpled city map to folding shoes - here's some of our favourite stocking fillers and novel presents for jet-set friends and family.

Japanese bento box kokeshi

Japanese Bento Boxes:

Pack a bento lunch in these cute, take anywhere Hanako (the girl bento) and Ichiro (the boy bento) japanese lunch boxes, based on traditional kokeshi dolls. Each bento box contains a miso bowl and two compartments.

Where: £18.85 from

Crumpled maps

Crumpled city maps:

A fun, scrunchable, 100% waterproof city map for all weather conditions. This creased map can be unravelled from a pouch and stuffed into a pocket without any fuss and is made of a tear-proof fabric to withstand everyday abuse. Available in versions for London, New York, Paris, Amsterdam and more.

Where: €12 (£10.15) from

Universal phone charger:

An essential bit of kit for the traveller who wants to stay connected. This battery-operated emergency phone charger plugs straight into most mobiles, reviving a dead battery with an extra two hours of talk time. Don’t forget to buy a battery. Compatible with the iPhone and iPod.

Where: £7.99 from

Travelbox moleskin setmoleskin Travel box:

An aspiring travel writer or reflective traveller would appreciate this hardback journal and luggage tag gift set. The keepsake journal is a blank canvas to plan a holiday, pen a wish list and thoughts from trips abroad. The gift box is designed as storage for souvenirs and momentos.

Where: £34.50 by Moleskin

Stuffed toy pillow

Stuffed toy/pillow

A cuddly plush toy and pillow that’s bound to be an instant hit with travelling toddlers. ‘Luno the owl’ is one of six pet characters dressed in a 100% cotton knitted jumper and made of soft velour.

Where: £26, from

Fear of flying mp3 help


A thoughtful gift for the anxious flyer. This MP3 player is pre-loaded with UK hypnotherapist Tim Smale’s Fearless Flying self-hypnosis programme. Switch it on anywhere – at home, at the airport or mid-flight – for a instant dose of relaxation.

Where: £29.99, from

Pocket watch giftTravel clock:

World travellers will love this stylish, steel alarm clock to wake up to the correct local time abroad and reset the body clock. It’s British made, sits in a black leather case and is small enough to fit into a briefcase or overnight bag.

Where: £35 by

World map wall sticker

World map wall sticker:

This giant world map wall sticker wouldn’t look out of place in a well-travelled household. Geared for the sentimental traveller, this personalised map comes with little dots to mark off visited places and plot a Bucket-List of must-see destinations.

Where: £29.75 from

Pet travel casePet carry case & SEAT:

A practical buy for someone who travels frequently with their pooch. This pet carry case and car seat for dogs or puppies can be unfolded into a pet bed and flat packed into a suitcase.

Where: £39.99 from

Scrunchable handbag-friendly flat shoes: Scrunchable handbag-friendly flat shoes:

Jet-setting fashionistas will love these cool flats, which can be folded up and tucked into a handbag. The footwear is part of a huge line of trendy fold-up pumps, boots and wellies. Perfect for women who can’t travel without stuffing a whole wardrobe of shoes into their suitcase.

Where: £49.99 from

Mirrorbook AirMirrorbook Air:

For travellers who like to reflect on their journeys, this mini MacBook Air style mirror is bound to turn heads and there’s no need to worry about switching it off on the plane before take-off. A great stocking filler that’s much more original than a box of chocolates.

Where: €19.95 (£16.80), from

Your favourites

Are you planning to buy any of these gifts for your friends or family? If you have any other suggestions, let us know by leaving a comment below

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