The stylish plane seat covers that aim to keep germs away

Would you consider buying a portable plane seat cover to reduce your exposure to germs in the skies?

The stylish plane seat covers that aim to keep germs away

'hi'-giene for all the family.

Here’s a unique way to fight off germs on the plane: a portable seat cover that puts a barrier between you and any grit and grime that may be lurking in your upholstered seat.

British Airways’ apology to a passenger bitten by bedbugs on board two long-haul flights in March has left many travellers feeling more anxious about picking up germs on planes – even though bedbugs can spread in any public space and aren’t caused by poor hygiene.

The problem is that planes only make money when they fly and it’s not practical or economical to deep clean passenger jets after every flight when dirty cabins must be turned around quickly.

The stylish plane seat covers that aim to keep germs away NiceSeats, the firm behind the seat covers, is tapping into our anxieties about cleanliness on planes. The range might well appeal not just to germophobes, but everyday travellers, who aren’t afraid to stand out from a plane full of passengers by slipping some funky fabric over their monotone plane seat.

Some of the seat cover prints are hallucinogenic, with disco dots, a retro ‘jet age’ theme and floral patterns turning what could be considered a practical travel accessory into something fun.

The covers are sold in a cotton zipper bag and are also available as part of a set with an eye mask, carry pouch to hold items such as a mobile phone or ipod and a pillow cover.

Now that menaces on your seat are taken care of, that just leaves other potential germ zones in the cabin: the armrests, tray table, seat pocket.. and not forgetting the shared toilet. Don’t disposable toilet seat covers sound appealing, at least on a long-haul flight?

Where to get it: seat cover in cotton jersey, US$29.95 or $39.95 with eye mask and pillow case. Available through


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  1. Hi,
    I would like to suggest, rather than having the seat cover its better to disinfect the seats and each individual should clean themselves with sanitizer or bed beg control spray. THe seat cover will not help much. visit to see the product raange they have. Even for travellers

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