The ‘Head Holder’: a unique headrest for the economy seat traveller

The 'Head Holder' is a modern day contraption, designed to help prevent craned necks on long-haul flights.


The Head Holder: a modern day neck pillow for the economy class traveller

Today’s jet-setters can pick up all sorts of unconventional travel gadgets and accessories that can help ease all manner of discomforts in economy class – from plane seat covers preventing the spread of germs, to a ‘knee defender’ device that discretely stops the person in-front from reclining their seat and crunching into your knees.

The Head Holder: a modern day neck pillow for the economy class traveller

There's a gizmo for every traveller's need these days. The 'Head Holder' cradles your head and neck in an upright position if you're prone to falling forward while asleep. The Head Holder costs US $39.95

And now a US-based firm, Heads Up Group Inc believes it has found a new solution to stiff neck pain and sleeping problems on long-haul flights with a practical device that quite simply, holds up your head.

The ‘Head Holder’ was created as the modern day equivalent of the traditional u-shaped neck pillow. The product might appeal to sleepy passengers without a window to rest against, or for those who tend to lurch forward during their sleep and wake up with a stiff neck.

The Head Holder looks like a neck brace. A pad on one end sits on the chest and on the other, a cushioned chin pad that supports your head and neck in a cradle position. An adjustable strap ensures a tight grip.

The concept reminds us of Inspector Gadget, the main character in the 80s cartoon who had every kind of gadget at his disposal, including a propeller in his hat.

Our staff put the Head Holder to the test on a recent flight and found it to work as advertised. It’s certainly not designed to be an attractive accessory: so expect a few confused looks from other passengers! And while the device keeps your head firmly upright, the gadget cannot stop the rest of your body from slouching over the passenger beside you.

If you’re the type to lurch forward in your sleep, you may find this device useful – especially if you’re stuck in the middle seat. We suspect this is something you’ll either love or hate.

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  1. Good evening,
    I have a doughter with S.M.A type II, she is 8 years and six months old.
    She can hardly stand her hand, and i would like to ask you if this product will help her and how much does this product cost.
    Thank you.

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