The 10 best airline TV adverts of all time

TERMINAL U has taken a look back at airline TV ads from over the years, with a round-up of our all-time favourites.

The 10 most creative airline adverts of all time

We don’t just remember TV ads for their catchy punch lines…

Some of the best airline commercials through the years have found ways to appeal to our sense of adventure, glamourising the idea that flying connects us with people all over the world.

British Airways today unveiled its £20 million ad campaign in a bid to revitalise its brand. The airline has a tradition of producing some of the most memorable TV commercials and its latest effort reminds us why they and other airlines are so keen to find new and clever ways to capture our imagination and attention. A good ad can create renewed enthusiasm around a brand, and this hasn’t escaped the mindsets of some of the world’s biggest airlines.

TERMINAL U has taken a look back at airline TV ads from over the years, and listed some of our all-time favourites (in no particular order). Remember to vote for your favourites here.

Aerolineas Argentinas: The most important trip

Southwest Airlines: Remember?

Singapore Airlines: Singapore Girl

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British Airways: Winking Face

Virgin Atlantic: 25 years, still red hot

1Time Airlines: extra head room

Brussels Airlines: passionate about you

Frontier Airlines: “spokesanimals”

Qantas: Spirit of Australia

South African Airlines: one flag

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