Hotello: the hotel ‘room’ on wheels

Hotello is a portable work and sleep space that packs into a trunk.

Hotello, hotel on wheels

Source: Hotello

Your boss would have to be a cheapskate to put you up in one of these on a business trip.

Hotello is a trunk on wheels that contains all the fixtures and fittings to build a portable hotel room and office space.

Designed by Italian architect, Antonio Scarponi, the rolling trunk is designed to be taken almost anywhere. It contains flat pack pieces that can be assembled to make furnishings including a bed, desk, table and stool. Trunk space has also been made for a lamp and the structural metal frame with “sound absorbing” privacy curtains. And the locker itself acts as a locker space/small wardrobe, with clothes hangers.

Hotello’s designer says the makeshift digs is aimed at making use of abandoned urban spaces, such as warehouses and factories.

While only a design concept, the Hotello could be useful for putting up stranded passengers at airports (wishful thinking), as long as the rooms aren’t too far from a public toilet.

For flyers, there’s just the matter of excess bag charges….


The Hotello will make an appearance at a design event in Milan on April 9.

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