Airlines reveal their most popular in-flight drinks. What are yours?

TERMINAL U asked some major airlines what your most popular drink requests are.

Popular airlines reveal their most popular in-flight drinks. What are yours?

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There’s no better way to toast the start of your holiday than sitting up in the clouds with your drink of choice in hand – which leads us to ask: what are passengers most likely to drink at 30,000ft?

TERMINAL U asked some major airlines what your most popular drink requests are. Here’s the lowdown:

Drinking for the ‘sake’ of it?

Sake is often thought of as Japan’s national drink, but surprisingly its popularity doesn’t filter through to the country’s national carrier, JAL where “shochu” rather than sake is the tipple of choice in first class. While sake is only made from rice, Sochu is considered a versatile distilled liquor and can be made from barley, buckwheat, sweet potatoes and sugar.

Salon champagne – considered to be among the finest and most expensive champagnes on the market – is also popular among the first class crowd. This bottle of vintage chardonnay would set you back upwards of €400 a bottle.

And who would have thought that beer would be the most popular drink to fly off the in-flight trolleys in economy?

JAL's Top 3 drinks served in-flight

JAL's Top 3 drinks served in-flightJAL’s Top 3 drinks served in-flight

JAL First Class Suite:

  1. Morizou (Japanese shochu)
  2. Champagne Salon
  3. Wine

JAL Executive Class Seasons:

  1. Yamazaki (Japanese whisky)
  2. Champagne
  3. Wine

JAL Economy:

  1. Beer
  2. Wine
  3. Skytime

Cebu Pacific

Passengers on the Philippines’ budget flag carrier, Cebu Pacific prefer to indulge in a cup of steaming café mocha over a soft drink.

In fact, chocolate-based drinks are the biggest hit among Filipinos on the airline’s buy-on board menu, with hot chocolate the second most requested drink.

Cebu Pacific drinks

Cebu Pacific’s Top 3 drinks served in-flight


  1. Café Mocha
  2. Hot Chocolate
  3. 3C2 Cool and Clean Green Tea in apple and lemon flavours

American Airlines

Boozy drinks make up American Airlines’ top three most popular drinks overall, where the trend is much stronger for vodka-based and scotch blended drinks over alternatives like soft drinks and water.

American Airlines' Top 3 drinks served in-flight

American Airlines’ Top 3 drinks served in-flight

  1. Vodka (mixed with tonic, orange juice or cranberry juice)
  2. Scotch (blended mixed with water, soda or straight)
  3. Red wine

Virgin Atlantic

It’s a similar picture on Virgin Atlantic, who told us that wine, gin and vodka are most likely to be requested from economy passengers, and champagne and sparkling wine in Premium Economy and Upper class.

Popular airlines reveal their most popular in-flight drinks. What are yours?

Virgin Atlantic’s Top drinks served in-flight

First Class:

  • Champagne and sparkling wine


  • Wine, gin and vodka.

What others have said

  1. I would recommend JAL if you can becuase they treat their passengers with a taste of Japanese-ness from foods, on-board movies, and the stewardess are more professional; the standards for hiring an airline stewardess is very high for JAL. I have relatives who worked for JAL recruiting and some years they only hire 3 out of 100 applicants.In terms of price, it will depend on the season becuase that is the big determining factor in pricing and not really the carrier. If you buy your tickets far ahead, you can usually save a little.Since you have never flown before, here are some tips that will make it more enjoyable:1) Get what is call a Dogbone neck pillow. It’s an inflatable C-shape pillow that you put around your neck to help you sleep a little more comfortable. When you use it, don’t inflate it to the max, but about 3/4 of the way. The airlines provide pillows but I’ve found them all way too soft.2) If you are sensitive to light when you sleep, get an eye mask for sleeping. Often times, there will be some inconsiderate idiot who want to read all the way to Japan and they would have their overhead lamps on. Very annoying especially when the airline deliberately lower the lights in the cabin to let people sleep.3) Get a pair or more of the memory foam ear plugs. Again, for sleeping.4) Drink plenty of water or non-alcoholic drinks. Avoid alcohol becuase the long flight in the dry cabin atmosphere will dehydrate you and alcohol makes it worse.5) If you are one of those people who gets sick to their stomach when riding roller-coaster, you may be prone to air sickness. The airlines provide what is call a barf-bag and you’ll find it in the pouch-like compartment in the back to the seat in front of you. Just in case 6) Always keep your seat belt on when you sit down. Severe air turbulance are rare, but they do happen and have been known to be violent enough to throw passengers out of their seats.7) Dress comfortably and wear the most comfortable shoes you have. Use the restroom, don’t wait. You’ll thank me 9) Enjoy the flight, but get your sleep. You are going to feel a bit jet-lagged when you land, so it it important you get a good sleep. When you get to Japan, take it easy the first 24 hours so your body can adjust. Have a wonderful trip!

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