Where not to order a club sandwich… In a Paris hotel room

The price of a hotel club sandwich is the benchmark for how affordable a city is for tourists, according to hotels.com.

Source: CNW Group/Hotels.com

Hotels.com claims it has found a new way to measure how affordable cities are for tourists, by inventing the club sandwich index (CSI).

It found Paris to be the world’s most expensive city to order a hotel club sandwich, with prices averaging around £20.50 and the priciest ‘club’ costing £30.50 in a five star Parisian hotel.

The website made its findings by price checking club sandwiches bought by guests in 750 three, four and five star hotels across 26 countries.

The second and third most expensive destinations to pick up a chicken, bacon, tomato and mayo toasted sandwich were found to be at hotels in Geneva, Switzerland (averaging £20.10) and Oslo in Norway (£18.83).

Hotels.com said it singled out the club sandwich – a staple on hotel menus around the world – as “the perfect way for holidaymakers to assess a destination’s real cost.”

“When planning a trip away, many holiday-makers don’t always factor the everyday costs of items including food and drink into their decision making process,” said Alison Couper, director of communications at hotels.com.

The world’s favourite sandwich

Before you wave your baguettes in protest, the study isn’t the most scientific we’ve ever seen, as it doesn’t factor in why many hotels can charge as much as they do for room service, because guests are paying for convenience.

If the study has taught us anything, it’s not to buy a club sandwich in a hotel.

Other studies have looked at more scientific indicators of cost of living. The Post Office, for example, ranks the most value for money destinations annually by comparing the average price of a basket of 10 items likely to be bought by tourists – from pint of beer, to suncream and a three course meal.

The Economist does studies in ‘burgernomics’ and each year compares the prices of a McDonald’s Big Mac around the world against the American average price, to see which currencies are undervalued against the dollar.

Hotels.com’s Club sandwich index (CSI)

Average club sandwich price

  1. France – Paris (£20.43)
  2. Switzerland – Geneva (£20.10)
  3. Norway – Oslo (£18.83)
  4. Japan – Tokyo £17.07)
  5. Italy – Rome (£14.95)
  6. Finland – Helsinki (£13.99)
  7. Sweden – Stockholm (£13.67)
  8. Australia – Canberra (£12.20)
  9. Denmark – Copenhagen (£11.65)
  10. UK – London (£11.55)
  11. Hong Kong (£11.33)
  12. South Korea – Seoul (£11.15)
  13. Germany – Berlin (£10.97)
  14. Brazil – Brasília (£10.97)
  15. USA – New York (£10.45)
  16. Holland – Amsterdam (£10.27)
  17. Russia – Moscow (£10.11)
  18. Spain – Madrid (£10)
  19. Canada – Toronto (£9.91)
  20. Ireland – Dublin (£9.61)

India is ranked at the bottom of the list (no 26), with the average club sandwich costing £5.91.

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