Ryanair raises bag fees

Don't get stung by the airline's new fee hikes next year.


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It’s one thing booking a cheap airfare on Ryanair to get from A to B without the frills. It’s another getting stung by extra charges at the airport because you forgot to pay for a checked bag in advance.

Ryanair is the marmite of the airline world; we either love it or hate it.

If you’ve ever been caught out by Ryanair’s baggage and extra fees, now’s the time to cast a forensic eye over the fine print and invest in some portable luggage scales. Or you could join the 70 percent of Ryanair passengers who (apparently) avoid checking in a bag – so the airline says.

Ryanair has just announced bag fee hikes for travel during ‘peak’ periods next year (June to September and over Christmas) – with charges set to soar if you don’t book bags in advance.

The new rules mean that you’ll pay £100 to check in a 15kg bag at the airport – instead of the current £40 fee.

For a family of four, that adds £400 on top of any plane tickets for a return flight.

Here’s the lowdown on Ryanair’s new fees, which come into force on December 15 for bookings during next year’s peak period (June-September & over Christmas).

Paying for checked bags online:

  • Prices have increased by £5.
  • A 15kg bag will cost £25 per passenger per flight.
  • A 20kg bag will cost £35 per passenger per flight.
  • And a second bag will cost £45 one-way.
  • Prices for off-peak travel (October-May) have not changed.

Paying for checked bags at the airport:

  • A 15kg bag will cost £100 instead of £40 one-way – an increase of £60.
  • A 20kg bag will cost £105 instead of £50 previously.
  • Off-peak, a 15kg bag will rise from £35 to £60 one-way. A 20kg bag will cost £75 instead of £45.

Printing boarding passes

From January 15, if you fail to show up at the airport with a printed boarding pass, you’ll pay a £60 re-issue fee instead of £40 today.

That’s an expensive mistake for a family of four, who will be £240 worse off for a one-way flight.

If you’re travelling out of a non-UK airport, of all Ryanair’s charges will be converted to the same figure, but in Euros.

Have you been stung by Ryanair’s charges? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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