10 reasons why you should skip the airport taxi and use public transport instead

Taxi? Before hailing a cab at the airport, consider public transport. It can often get you to your destination faster as well as save you money, writes Gunnar Garfors.

10 reasons why you shouldn't take an airport taxi and use public transport instead

Public transport never feels like the convenient option when you’ve stepped off a flight, jet-lagged and are hauling baggage through the airport. But depending on your destination and the time of day, you may be better off taking a bus or train.

Here’s 10 reasons why public transport can be a better way to go than a cab:

  1. Public transport may save you time. In many cities with dedicated train or tram lines, taxis can be slower due to traffic jams and longer travelling distances thanks to more turns and hills.
  2. Taxis are nearly always more expensive than public transport.
  3. On a bus or a train you’ll get an early introduction to your destination and the culture from other passengers, if nothing else just by overhearing conversations.
  4. Public transport will rarely take you exactly where you are going, but is that such a bad thing? I don’t think so, as long as I’m not in a hurry to be somewhere. It gives you the chance to explore a new area on your way to your accommodation and discover shops, cafes or restaurants that you may want to revisit later.
  5. More and more buses and trains are offering free Wi-Fi zones on board– a chance to update your Facebook status or check your emails.
  6. Bus or train drivers won’t fool you by taking a detour or overcharging.
  7. Taxis don’t offer refreshments. Some buses and trains do. Coffee and tea is served on many airports buses in Norway.
  8. There are no toilets in taxis. In Norway you’ll find toilets on board most airport buses.
  9. Public transport is a greener alternative.
  10. Unless it’s rush hour, you can move around on underground tubes, buses and trains – a big plus if you’ve just spent hours couped up on a plane.

Still not convinced? At least make sure you aren’t ripped off by your taxi driver.

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