Finnair’s new cabin crew uniforms take style pointers from… Star Trek?

Cabin crew began sporting new retro uniforms on Thursday.

Finnair's new cabin crew uniforms take style pointers from... Star Trek?

They look like something out of Star Trek and you may spot them soon on cabin crew at an airport near you.

Hot off the (fashion) runway this week, Finnair’s new look cabin crew uniforms are putting some retro glamour back into air travel.

Finnair's new cabin crew uniforms take style points from... Star Trek?Staff began sporting the new white/navy combo uniforms on Thursday.

The women’s wide-collar shirts have been replaced with a blouse, jacket and skirt or trousers mix, with matching blue and white stripy scarf.

While the men’s suits are buttoned-up and conservative.

Navy blue hats complete the look and pursers are identified with a bold white stripe on their skirts.

Finnish jewellery and clothing designer Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen created the cabin crew’s new wardrobe staple, with colours that match the airline’s revamped navy blue and white logo.

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  1. I LOVE these!! Takes me back to the days of Pan Am when being a “Hostess” or “Stewardess” was the most glamours job and traveling was a luxury. And it looks like there is something for every size. Love the 3/4 sleeve. Not a fan of the Scarf or hat. Wonder if the shoes are company standard as well. Would like to see the blouse alone with the trouser/skirt. Hope they chose a good fabric not a poly blend like most US carriers do. Also wonder if boots are an option in the winter like SAS? All in all I would work for them just to wear the dress!!!

    Well done Finn Air!!!

  2. A very novel idea to express good wishes to Indians on the auspicious occasion of The Republic Day Of India…I liked it very much and thanks to Finnair

  3. I’m all for ANYthing that brings back a bit of glamour to air travel! Kudos to Finnair for introducing a stylish, yet slightly tongue-in-cheek ensemble for their crewmembers. I was a flight attendant for 30 years and know first-hand the psychological lift that comes with wearing a uniform one feels good about.

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