VIDEO: Boeing plane crash-lands in Mexico… on purpose

How can we make plane crashes more survivable? It’s a question that documentary makers have put to the test– by recreating a crash, with test dummies.

VIDEO: Boeing plane crash-lands in Mexico... on purpose

Wreckage is strewn across the desert in a remote, unpopulated part of Mexico. Source: Channel 4

The amateur video footage taken below of a Boeing 727 jet crash-landing in a remote, unpopulated part of the Mexican desert was no accident.

And, there were no passengers on board – except for crash test dummies.

The plane was in fact set on a deliberate collision course – with the aid of a pilot who ejected minutes before impact – and was all part of a big experiment into the morbid subject of plane crash survival.

Dozens of cameras filmed the crash at every angle – with some fitted inside the cabin and another mounted on the pilot’s helmet – and the footage will be aired in a Channel 4 documentary later this year.

The programme makers – the UK’s Dragonfly Film and Television Productions – said they wanted to “recreate a serious, but survivable crash” with a real passenger jet, to see how survival rates can be improved and to study new ‘black box’ crash recording technology.

Dragonfly executive producer Sanjay Singhal said: “It’s never been safer to fly, but we want to use this as an opportunity to provide scientific data that might help to improve passenger safety in those extremely rare cases when a catastrophic aircraft accident does occur.”

The project took four years to plan and involved up to 300 people on location, he added.

It is not known how much it cost to pull off the controlled crash.

The US Discovery Channel and Germany’s Pro Sieben are also involved in the making of the programme.

Watch amateur video of the Boeing plane crash-landing:

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