The flyPad: New iPad stand “Arctic Flight” looking to get off the ground

An iPad accessory that allows economy class passengers to watch videos hands-free on their tablets has launched on crowd funding site Kickstarter.

The flyPad: "Arctic Flight" iPad stand for frequent flyers heads gets a Kickstarter

The Apple iPad continues to be a big hit with consumers looking for entertainment and productivity on the move.

With more travellers bringing their tablets in-flight, for many it can be the highlight of the journey, replacing the airline’s repetitive on board entertainment.

But in economy class – where using an iPad in such a confined space can be impractical – one frequent flyer believes he has found a way to make using the tablet a more enjoyable experience.

Engineer Anton Jachim has designed a multi-functional iPad stand for economy class that clips into a closed tray table in the seat in front – turning the iPad into an adjustable hands-free device to watch video content.

The stand is also designed to hold the iPad upright on an economy tray table – in portrait or landscape mode – and provides space for a Bluetooth keyboard.

Arctic Flight

The project – called “Arctic Flight” – was recently posted to crowd funding site, Kickstarter.

Jachim is seeking $60,000 (£38,000) in funding from the public to move his prototype stand onto the production line for the ipad 2 and says he plans to introduce versions for other tablets in future.

At the time of writing, the project has attracted more than $5,000 (£3,000) in funding from 51 backers since it was posted on Kickstarter several days ago.

To get the project off the ground and into the skies, Jachim – founder of Arctic Innovations, the company behind his creation – is hoping to reach his funding target by the project deadline, June 19th.

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