Could this American Airlines rebrand be the image overhaul it needs?

What might become of American Airlines when it emerges from bankruptcy? As the airline considers modernising its polished silver livery, designers have been rethinking what the carrier could look like if it rebranded itself.

Images: Anna Kovecses

American Airlines is going through a lot of change, as it tries to pull itself out of bankruptcy.

With new aircraft, including 787 Dreamliners on the way to replace its aging fleet, the airline is also looking to possibly update its dated livery.

One of the main reasons is because the polished aluminum look that we have long associated with American Airlines can’t be achieved on the 787 Dreamliner aircraft, which is largely made up of composite materials (carbon fibre reinforced plastic). The airline’s first batch of 787s are due to arrive in 2014.

Earlier this year, American Airlines posted an image of a 787 plane (featured below) in a grey paint scheme, which it has used before on A300 aircraft.

Could grey be the new silver for American Airlines's new fleet of Dreamliners? Source: Facebook/American Airlines

Whether or not the carrier will keep its livery intact, or go with a grey or metallic silver paint on its 787s is still up in the air, but the idea has inspired a flurry of designers to come up with their own versions of what a new, rebranded American Airlines could look like.

Last year, ad agency Victors & Spoils set a brief inviting creatives to design a new look for the airline, with the promise of $1,000 (£630) for their 10 favourite designs.

Designer Anna Kovecses was awarded for her work, which shows what happens when retro meets American Airlines.

Images: Anna Kovecses

Kovecses redesigned everything from the airline’s boarding passes to a mobile app and the look of the airline lounges.

While slapping a new brand image along a fuselage and on every seatback cover and napkin is one way for an airline to be remembered, would it be enough to convince you to fly with them? Drop us a comment below.

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