VIDEO: ‘Hotel of the future’ should have robot cleaners and teleporters

A Dubai-based luxury hotel chain invited travellers to tweet their ideas for the 'Hotel of the Future' - with the best concepts sketched out on a giant canvas.

VIDEO: 'Hotels of the future' should have robot cleaners and teleporters

A flying hotel that glides you around the world and has iPads in every room are just some of the wished-for ideas suggested by travellers for the ‘Hotel of the Future’.

The concept is part of a social media exercise by Jumeirah Group, the Dubai-based luxury hotel chain.

The hotel group invited people to let their imaginations flow and tweet ideas on what the ‘Hotel of the Future’ might look like, what services it would offer and where it would be situated.

The best suggestions were then sketched out on a giant canvas by local artist, Zanjeer Salam.

The top 10 ideas for the ‘Hotel of the Future’ were:

  • A hotel that floats in the clouds and has invisible walls & floors to offer a breathtaking view. Food can be teleported
  • A flying hotel that glides you around the world in style
  • “Holographic Virtual Personal Assistants” with a menu of caricatures you can choose from
  • An underwater hotel with a view of the marine life from the windows
  • iPads in every room
  • The walls of the room would take the shape of an LED touchscreen that could be dimmed to convert to glass with the view
  • Guests are virtually transported to a destination of their choice by selecting one from Jumeirah hotels’ travel channels
  • Hotel in the Heavens: a zero gravity orbital hotel on the moon. Guests would wake up gazing out at terra firma
  • Each bedroom would have its own robot for cleaning and other services

Watch the video here:

What would you have in your hotel of the future?

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