The world’s biggest plane is not A380, but Russia’s An-225

The world’s biggest and heaviest jet ever built makes the A380 look like a 737 in comparison.

Heavy metal: The An-225 boasts a 290-foot wingspan (30ft larger than the A380) and can carry up to half a million pounds of cargo.

Few passenger planes have drawn collective gasps over the years like Concorde – admired as an engineering marvel of its day and the A380 – the world’s largest passenger plane that first rumbled into service in 2007 with Singapore Airlines.

But if you thought the A380 was the biggest bird in the skies, you haven’t heard of Russia’s Antonov 225 ‘Mriya’: the world’s biggest and heaviest jet ever built, that makes the A380 look like a 737 in comparison. The Ukranian name, ‘Mriya’ roughly translates as “dream” in English.

Six engines and 32 wheels propel this super heavyweight cargolifter into the skies.

The plane was designed and built for the Soviet Space program in 1988, originally to transport space shuttle “Buran” to a launch site, but the space project was dropped after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The An-225 – the largest of the Antonov giants – is still in commercial operation as a long-haul freighter, and carries some heavy payloads.

It is rumoured that a second An-225 is in the making, but hasn’t yet been finished.

VIDEO: See the An-225 in action at Manchester airport

And the world’s strangest looking plane award goes to… The Beluga

The Super Transporter is a wide-body airliner, built to transport heavy and bulky cargo loads.

Airbus’s Beluga A300-600ST (Super Transporter) – aptly named after the Beluga whale – is another behemoth that makes the A380 look like its little sister.

As one of the world’s largest cargo carriers, the Beluga was developed to carry complete sections of Airbus aircraft from production sites around Europe to final assembly lines in Toulouse and Hamburg.

It features one of the widest fuselage cross-sections of any aircraft and can therefore cary over-sized or awkward cargo.

The Airbus Transport International subsidiary of Airbus currently operates five Belugas in the fleet.

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  2. what the hell is this Russia/Ukraine talk??
    The plane was constructed in the USSR.
    By the soviet constructers.
    Now when USSR was split Ukraine got its Mria and Russia has Ruslan which are typically the same AN”s thing!

  3. You stupid?
    Sikorsky— russian last name of Igor Sikorsky. He was born in kiev present day Ukraine…
    Get real you loser…
    C’mon grow up.

  4. Sikorsky have the BEST planes.
    Most russians say that the best planes such as sikorskies are made in russia. B.S.
    Ukrainian planes are the best.

  5. no doubt Antonov 225 is the greatest,biggest,largest aircraft in the world.the russians must be proud of this next to sukhoi 27,30,34,35 series

    • Hi, Could you tell me where you get the ten year total annualized rertun? Is this something you calculate or is it easily available. I know how to calc but wanted to see if was available for screening over a large number of stocks. Also great blog!!

  6. SO DUMB…
    Why saying it is the Russia’s if it is the Sikorsky AN-255 Made By a Ukrainian person and is still made in Kiev.

    Very stupid Title.
    All the best airplane are the Sikorsky.
    So stop saying “RUSSIA’S”…

  7. Howard Hughes’s flying boat the Spruce Goose has a 320ft wingspan – 10% more than the 225. Shame it only ever actually flew about one mile in it’s life.

    Given the choice, I believe the A380 designers would probably have used longer wings – but were constrained by the parking stand space available at airports.

    • Thank you, I’ve recently been sriechang for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have came upon till now. But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you positive concerning the source?|What i don’t realize is actually how you are now not really a lot more smartly-favored than you may be right now. You are so intelligent.

  8. Serial production for the A380 makes this project far more impressive than the An-225 project which, despite its size, required an engineering effort magnitudes smaller than the one required for the A380.

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