The IKEAport: flat pack ‘lounge’ pops up at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Here's an airport lounge you can replicate at home.

Photos: IKEA

Swedish retail chain IKEA is letting passengers lounge around in its pop-up showroom at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport.

The flat pack furniture specialist has put together its version of a relaxing airport “VIP lounge” for travellers in Terminal 3, complete with nine bedrooms, a children’s play area and living area where travellers can watch TV on the sofa while they wait for their boarding call.

IKEA has left the door open for all travellers to use the lounge, which will remain open until August 5.

Unlike its retail stores though, you won’t have to trudge through the entire ‘lounge’ before making it to the sofa of your choice, with entrances and exits on all four sides.

While a clear publicity drive for IKEA, the temporary lounge is not the first to try and make travellers feel at home.

At Helsinki Vantaa Airport’s Almost@home lounge in Terminal 2, paying travellers can hire a pair of woolly socks, read a book on the sofa, make their own snacks in the kitchen or catch up on emails in the study inside a mock-up Finnish home.

Great idea from IKEA? Or is it destined to fall flat on its face? Let us know below.

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