Replace Heathrow Airport with a ‘Garden City’, suggests new report

A new report argues that Heathrow Airport would be better served as a 'garden city' if the government decided to build a new hub airport elsewhere.

Heathrow Airport garden city

A new report says that Heathrow Airport should be demolished and turned into a ‘garden city’ in future.

The proposal for the airport site includes creating landscaped gardens that would cover an area more than twice the size of London’s Hyde Park and building homes for up to 30,000 people.

Graeme Bell, a planning expert and president of the Town and Country Planning Association wrote in the report his vision for the five square mile airport site, if the government decides to replace Heathrow Airport in future.

The report also details other potential uses for the site, including bulldozing Terminals 1,2 and 3 and building mixed-use commercial development similar to London’s Canary Wharf, transforming Terminal 4 into a retail park and converting Terminal 5 into a university campus.

“Heathrow Garden City will provide homes, employment and a full range of facilities and services served by good public transport, all set in an attractive landscape,” the report said.

It added that the concept is designed to “promote debate and encourage innovative thought” in light of the ongoing debate over the future of Heathrow and how the UK can best meet future demand for air travel.

For now, the coalition government has ruled out building new runways at airports in the South East and is expected to publish a consultation paper addressing the issue in the summer.

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