Pod seats and sound-proof children areas on planes most requested upgrades

A survey of 1,000 travellers has shed light on the features they most want on flights.

Pod seats and sound-proof children's areas on planes most requested upgrades

The dream flight would have pod seating, sound-proof children’s areas and kick-proof seating above all else, according to a new survey of UK travellers.

Flight comparison site Skyscanner asked more than 1,000 people what would be on their wish list for the perfect flight, with around 20% of those surveyed requesting capsule bunks.

Another 18% would like to see sound-proof areas for children on board and 8% asked for seats designed to avoid getting kicked in the back.

Massage chairs (8%), free iPads (5%), showers (4%), a cinema (3%) and cocktail bar (2%) also made it onto the top 10 wishlist.

Dream come true

Luxuries such as showers, free iPads and cocktail bars are already part of the in-flight experience for premium paying passengers with some airlines.

Emirates offers showers in First Class on board its A380s.

Virgin Atlantic recently revamped its cocktail bar as part of an Upper Class overhaul and Singapore’s budget airline Scoot hands out iPads to passengers buying its ‘bizfare’ tickets.

The survey of passengers also revealed some unusual requests – with 4% of people suggesting transparent floors and ceilings as the ‘dream’ feature on board future planes.

The concept may sound far-fetched, but it has already been envisioned by plane maker, Airbus, which has predicted what air travel could be like in 2050.

Another 4% of people suggested ‘singles sections’ on board planes.

The idea may not fly with airlines, but that hasn’t stopped a few major airlines from going on a publicity drive to try and make cabin seat seating a bit more social.

Malaysia Airlines allows passengers to sit next to their Facebook friends and KLM has introduced a social seating programme where people can choose who they sit next to based on their fellow passengers’ social media profiles.

Latvian airline, airBaltic is the latest to join in by launching a “seatBuddy” scheme that seats like-minded passengers together based on their mood.

Airline passengers concerned about privacy issues or who don’t wish to get involved can opt out of all three social programmes.

If airlines could grant you one request to improve your in-flight experience, what would it be? Do you agree with these survey results? Let us know by commenting below.

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