Plane mad: 3 unique aviation-themed hotels every traveller should visit

We look at three unique plane-themed hotels from around the world that are guaranteed to inspire.

Photos: Xinhua

Tianjin Aircraft Carrier HotelA new luxury hotel has just opened to the public in an unusual setting, on a former soviet aircraft carrier in China.

It may appear run-down at first glance, but inside, the Tianjin Aircraft Carrier Hotel offers guests ‘five star’ luxury and boasts two presidential suites on board the converted former navy vessel.

The ‘floating’ hotel lies in a military theme park in north-east China’s Tianjin.

Enjoy the ‘high life’ at Hotel Costa Verde

Photo credit: Vincent Costello

Travellers in search of a far-flung adventure can spend the night on a converted passenger plane in Costa Rica.

Hotel Costa Verde offers a two-bedroom suite that has been retrofitted with a vintage 1965 Boeing 727 plane jutting through it.

The ’747 fuselage home’ – which sits on the edge (quite literally) of a national park near Quepos, two hours by car from San Jose’s International Airport – is described as “hurricane-proof living” on the hotel’s website.

The jet spent its career in South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines colours before retiring and getting a new lease of life as luxury lodgings.

Nightly room rates start at US$250 and include scenic ocean and jungle views from the deck, perched on top of the jet’s right wing.

…And Europeans won’t miss out

In Sweden, travellers in search of accommodation at economy prices can book a room inside a decommissioned 747 at Stockholm Arlanda International Airport.

The Jumbo Hostel, which opened in 2008, offers dorm rooms to share or the option of private rooms – all with shared showers.

Those willing to splash out for more privacy and their own bathroom should book the cockpit suite, which also offers panoramic views across the airport.

There’s also an onboard café and a ‘first class lounge’ where guests can mingle and relax.

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