Parachutes on planes concept designed to prevent air crashes

The idea of having parachutes on planes is nothing new, but fitting them to larger aircraft is one of the radical new ideas being suggested in Geneva this year.

Idea: planes fitted with parachutes could prevent air crashes

Source: Martial Trezzini/EPA

We’ve seen parachute systems glide smaller aircraft safely to the ground in emergencies – but could they ever work for the heavyweights like Boeing’s 747?

It’s a scenario that you would normally expect to see in a James Bond film.

But that hasn’t stopped a Chinese inventor – Yu Gao (pictured) – from devising an emergency landing system for planes using layers of parachutes.

Her idea is among 1,000 inventions that are on show at the International Exhibition of Invention in Geneva, Switzerland.

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What others have said

  1. The plane should be build at least 2 pieces, a capsule(passenger seats) and Body machine/coptpit.. in emergency, the capsule is separated from body (to reduce the weight and engine explosions) then the paracute rise up..

  2. Although this seems impossible idea but it sparks the desire to make airplanes safe. How about designing something for vertical landing just like RAF harrier?

  3. The idea: Great
    Application: Improbable
    It would be near possible to use a parachute on a plane weighing X tons, traveling at a minimum of 104km/hr. I haven’t done any of the math, but having a parachute that can take the weight of the plane all from on attachment place and the force of the speed from the plane would be near impossible. Not to mention the stress on the airframe for having the full weight of the plane on one point. It would require reinforcing and major redesigning and testing. Along with that, this is a plane with children, elderly, and others onboard, not a trained military personnel who can roll on landing to absorb the shock. The plane would have to be coming down incredibly slow and horizontally to keep from landing on one of its wings or nose. Wings tearing off is a risk we are willing to take when we fly. Anything else and the pilots should land conventionally. Great idea, unrealistic.

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