New TV ad for Thomson’s 787 Dreamliner hits the airwaves

Thomson's new TV advert takes cues from BA's 'To Fly To Serve' campaign, by laying on the nostalgia.

Thomson's new 787 Dreamliner advert "dream haul"

Thomson’s new ad contrasts clips of the 747 with the 787 (pictured) for emotive effect.

Soon enough, Brits will have the chance to fly the 787 Dreamliner on home soil when the plane is put into service with the first UK airline next year.

Thomson Airways is naturally milking the fact that it’s ahead of other major UK carriers in bringing Boeing’s newest plane to paying customers.

To plug its new Dreamliner, the airline has released a new TV ad that makes you feel nostalgic about your early holiday memories and encourages you to create more by flying on the new 787.

It’s a snazzy ad for an airline associated with mass package holidays.

The most obvious change economy passengers will notice when boarding Thomson’s Dreamliner – other than the new mood lighting, larger windows and the quieter take-off – is the legroom.

The majority of economy seats will have a 34 inch pitch: three inches more than British Airways and Virgin Atlantic on long-haul flights.

The first Dreamliner flights will serve Mexico and Florida from Manchester, Gatwick, Glasgow and East Midlands from May 2013.

Watch Thomson’s new ad here:

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