iPads handed out on British Airways flights

British Airways is the latest airline to embrace the iPad revolution, in a bid to boost its image and in-flight customer service.

iPads handed out on specific British Airways flights

Thousands of senior British Airways cabin crew will be given iPads to help keep track of passengers’ needs on board flights and offer a more personalised service, the airline has said.

The roll-out follows a successful three-month trial of iPads involving 100 senior crew members, BA added.

The iPads will replace the long paper scroll traditionally handed to cabin crew listing the names and requirements of all passengers on a flight, after everyone has boarded and before the aircraft departs.

The new tablets will alert staff in real-time to any passenger preferences so that crew to tailor their services to the customer.

Frank van der Post, British Airways’ managing director, brands and customer experience, said: “The possibilities for future development of the iPad are endless, and this is only the beginning. Once the roll-out has been completed, our crew worldwide will be able to offer a premium and more thoughtful onboard service to customers in every cabin.”

Bill Francis, British Airways’ head of inflight customer experience, added: “The iPads provide real-time insight into our customers’ preferences across a whole range of areas, from special meal requests to onward travel plans enabling us to deliver a truly bespoke service.”

Passengers get iPads too

Since September, BA has been giving its first class passengers iPads on certain flights in a trial designed to improve the carrier’s in-flight entertainment offer and boost its image.

The tablet devices – which are pre-loaded with films, music and TV shows – are being handed out on 18 of its 777 planes, some of which don’t have up-to-date inflight entertainment systems that allow passengers to watch preferred films on demand.

BA has also been handing out iPads to passengers on its London City-New York service, as part of a trial that started in September.

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