First look at British Airways’ new A380

BA's first A380 is now being built. The airline is tipped to be the world's first to have both A380s and 787 Dreamliners in its fleet.

First look at British Airways' new A380

The forward fuselage of BA's first A380 being assembled at the Airbus A380 Facility, Hamburg

British Airways's new A380's on the way, but not in time for Olympics

Artist's impression - BA A380 jet

It’s been a long time coming, but British Airways’ first A380 has finally made it onto the assembly line.

The superjumbo- the first of 12 A380s on BA’s order books – will fly its first passengers in late 2013, when the airline also expects to receive its first 787 Dreamliner.

The airline hasn’t yet announced how it will use the space on board its A380s – or the routes the jets will serve.

But in March the chief financial officer for BA’s parent group IAG told Bloomberg reporters that the A380s would fly “very well known routes”, which could include Heathrow to New York and popular Asian destinations like Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore.

The parts of BA’s A380 are being built all over Europe.

Large sections of the fuselage are being assembled and equipped in Hamburg (Germany); the nose and centre fuselage in Saint Nazaire and Meaulte (France); the tailfin in Stade (France) and horizontal tail plane in Spain.

The undercarriage will be assembled in Canada and France; the wings in Flintshire, North Wales and the four Rolls Royce engines in Derbyshire.

BA’s order for 36 aircraft – 12 A380s and 24 787s is the largest the airline has made in more than a decade.


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  1. Oh! At Last! I have so been banging on about this for a while. It’s not just a maettr of a bit of tarting up the airports and at Heathrow, no maettr what you do, if you have n square meters you may be able to use it more efficiently but you will still only have n square meters. What people should note is that all those people have to get through a tunnel then down a bus lane-ed M4 or on what high speed rail link? And onto what? A congested ancient, creaky tube system?We are to have lane closures all over the place and the poor people in Greenwich will be effectively house-bound for the duration. This is why the powers that be are threatening us with a35,000 fines for using the new Zil Lanes. The Olympics will spell misery for all those who use London for their work. Will the trains be cheap to help allieviate the road network? Yeah, right.London is not suited to this kind of event. Nor, incidently is it suited to things such as the G20 summit Her Majesty’s Grateful Government’s latest wheeze to help the economy I know , sez the Supreme Leader, Let’s invite all the main world leaders to London where the cheap flights will mean every lunatic who wants to have a pop can get here easily. Then we can have lots of riots and trouble and we can re-generate the economy by helping business by, er . having their offices and shops ruined Oh! and we can test out the Zil lanes as well Just to make it more fun for the Police, let’s have a few major football matches and other events at the same time. There is no real thought going into this at all. The danger is that we in the UK in general and in London in particular are going to look complete idiots. When the present crisis came about, the US put/ is putting money into infrastructure projects to re-build from the bottom up (so to speak). This could have been a golden opportunity for us as well, but no, we give our scant taxpayers resources to the very people who pi***ed it up the wall in the first place.Eurostar has come to St Pancras but it was always going there anyway. In any event, Eurostar is designed for London, not the Olympics. The improvements to East London’s transport was long, long overdue. The only way you may be able to make the thing work, is to put another runway or two (or three, even) at Stansted, bulldoze the M11 into a 4 lane highway to the Olympics door, build some hotels for the Olympic Politburo, put in extra rail links to Stansted for the proletariat and make sure everyone only uses that side of town.Then, London and Londoners may be left in peace to get on with their lives. Me? Iam going to emigrate for the duration.

  2. Preparing the way for the jumbo is not without cost. For example, Heathrow operator BAA estimates it is spending some $772 million to reposition taxiways and rebuild Pier 6 to accommodate the A380 and its passengers,also some runway lighting will need to be moved to accomodate the massive wingspan

  3. Actually Tom, with all due respect, its BA and not BT and ‘their’ terminal, (not ‘there’), T5, do have the gates capable of boarding the A380.

  4. HA! Only a few years ago BT said it would never buy the A380 and didnt bother enabling there Hearthrow Terminal 5 to take it… Typical.

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