Airbus claims to know what you want from flying in the future

Airbus is using a two year consultation of more than 1.75 million people to help shape its vision for the future of air travel.

Airbus’s vision for the plane of 2050. Source: Airbus

Travellers want to fly more often and more sustainably in future – and with less stress – according to an Airbus survey of 10,000 people in 10 countries.

The plane maker found that 63% of those surveyed want to fly more by 2050, despite the rising popularity of social media and long distance video conferencing.

While 93% would like planes to be more environmentally efficient.

When asked about the most annoying aspects of flying, more than a third of people questioned put delays at the top of their list.

Slow check-in, waiting for luggage, sitting on the tarmac and queues at passport control were other common gripes.

Airbus has used the survey results to create an infographic showing what they say travellers want from flying in future.

Almost a third of travellers surveyed would rather spend less time at the airport in future, according to Airbus’s findings. While only 5% would want to fly on a faster plane.

Airbus has also spent two years asking more than 1.75 million people what they would like to see from flying in the future.

They say the results have helped develop a “Concept Plane,” a version of what air travel could be like in 2050, based on what passengers want and advancements in existing technologies.

Airbus unveiled a concept plane of the future to the world last year. The jet features slim wings, semi-embedded engines, a U-shaped tail and lightweight ‘intelligent’ fuselage that Airbus say would cut emissions and noise and burn less fuel.

Airbus has also taken a radical approach to the plane cabin on board the concept plane, which is stripped of an economy, business and first cabin and instead features interactive zones. The plane’s design would also enable passengers to look up at the sky, literally, through a “transparent wall membrane.”

All sound a bit pie in the sky? Airbus believes their design could form the basis of a future passenger jet. We’ll let you decide.

Airbus the Future of Flight

Airbus infographic shows what passengers want from flying in future

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  1. I call BS. This is Airbus telling us what they would like us to say. What air traveller doesn’t prioritize comfort and speed? Only 5% said they’d want to arrive at their destination sooner? What kind of masochists did these people interview? Maybe if they only interviewed people who flew business or first exclusively, then the statistics make sense. But the vast majority of the economy-flying public want more space and to get where they need to go ASAP, super or even hypersonically if at all possible, greenly or no.

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