airBaltic auctions off a business class meal and even has crew deliver to your door

If you don't like airplane food, Latvian airline airBaltic is hoping to change your mind.

airBaltic business class meal auction

With price often dictating which airline we choose to fly with, airlines know that to stand out from the competition they need to bring something new to the in-flight tray table.

One airline in particular has gone as far as selling its own branded shoes and even Mini Coopers inside its in-flight catalogues. And it’s not stopping there.

airBaltic, a Latvia-based airline has now launched an online auction where frequent flyers can bid with BalticMiles for a pair of business class meals to be delivered to their front door by a cabin crew member.

The two meal trays will even be shuttled to the winning bidder’s home via the airline’s own branded taxi service: BalticTAXI, which serves the Latvian capital of Riga.

But what makes this business class dinner different from the rest? It’s fully organic and the ingredients are sourced from local farms in Latvia.

The bidding has already taken-off.

At the time of writing, 17 people have placed almost 250 bids between them for the gourmet meals. The highest bid so far is for 5,700 BalticMiles points (worth €28.50/£22)

The auction will run until June 5 and the winner can pay using a combination of frequent flyer points and cash.

airBaltic also allows customers to pre-order roses, or chocolate cake on board for their loved ones.

It has been voted among the top 10 most innovative airlines this year by, which monitors new developments in the airline industry.

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