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The top 8 things on my flight wish list

Our editor, Louise kicks off the new year with a list of things she'd like to accomplish - all centred around her love of air travel.

jetpack2013If you’re anything like me, you’re great at making New Year’s resolutions and even better at breaking them!

I’ve started 2013 by writing a fanciful bucket list of things I would love to achieve – all revolving around my love of air travel.

Most of the ideas on my list are wishful thinking and would only realistically happen if money or time were no object.

But it doesn’t hurt to dream a little, does it?

Sit in the cockpit during takeoff

Remember the good old days when we could poke our heads into the cockpit and have a lesson in how to fly an aeroplane? I would love to sit on the flight deck and experience a pilot’s eye view of takeoff.

See the sights on an airship

We all lead hectic lives and that’s why the idea of travelling sedately on an airship appeals so much to me. In the States, Airship Ventures offered tourist flights on a modern-day Zeppelin until recently. Sadly the vessel was grounded in November because of a lack of funding. Turns out helium is not cheap. I’ll be waiting patiently until the next Zeppelin revival!

Skip the traffic on a jetpack

Ever imagined dropping in for an office meeting with a jetpack strapped to your back? I know I have. It’s not hard to imagine a mass consumer version becoming available within our lifetime. If so, it would be surreal to achieve instant liftoff with the touch of a button – as long as it comes with a sat nav.

Take the controls in an aircraft simulator

My knowledge of planes sadly doesn’t quite stretch to how to fly them. So the idea of jumping in a jet and flying where I want to go is the stuff of dreams. I’d be happy enough to take the controls in an A380 simulator though, just for the thrill of seeing if I could safely takeoff and land the behemoth – with guidance!

Do an online food shop in-flight

In-flight Wi-Fi is taking off and it’s going to become the norm once prices eventually come back down to earth and bandwidth speeds improve. It would be great if I didn’t have to come home from holiday to an empty fridge by doing my grocery shop inflight.

Experience zero gravity on Branson’s Virgin Galactic

I love airports, but imagine what it could be like checking into a spaceport and setting off for a ride of a lifetime to the edge of space.. Richard Branson’s spaceline, Virgin Galactic aims to make regular, scheduled passenger flights into space possible for the first time by 2014. Winning the lottery is the only way I could afford the £125,000 price tag… but what a way to see the world.

Be the first to fly the A350 XWB

I’m looking forward to taking a ride on Airbus’ new A350 XWB (extra wide body). Hopefully if Airbus’s schedule doesn’t slip any further, the first A350 could be flying passengers in 2014.

The A350 is similar in size and technology to Boeing’s 787 and is also made using a composite airframe. I’m expecting subtle improvements in the cabin (like the 787) – bigger windows, improved humidity and more headroom among other things. As for legroom… don’t hold your breath. Airlines will probably use the jet’s wider body to squeeze in more seats.

Fly over a plane boneyard

Boneyards are fascinating places, where planes no longer valuable enough to be repaired or put back into service end up retiring. I’d love to see one with my own eyes – and snap away at the hundreds of parked jets lined up like ducks in rows.

What would be on your flight wish list?

Let us know what would be on your flight wish list. Would you like to be a flight attendant for a day? Or perhaps get a pilot’s licence? Post your lists below or join the conversation on Facebook.


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  1. Call me mad, and it’s been a long time since I flew a flight with free meals, but I would LOVE to be able to buy Air N.Z. & Qantas airline meals for my freezer! Something about flying always makes me hungry, and I have NEVER had an airline meal I didn’t love!!!!

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