“No first class pyjamas? We’re not flying”…Qantas couple says

A Melbourne-bound couple travelling with Qantas in first class refused to fly when there were only business class pyjamas in their size.

A Qantas first class cabin. Qantas's first class pyjamas - one of the in-flight perks handed out to its top paying passengers - are a luxury that one couple weren't prepared to go without.

Two first class passengers on a Qantas international flight between Los Angeles and Melbourne refused to travel when the crew could not provide them with luxury pyjamas in their size.

The Australian couple refused a pair of business class pyjamas – which were offered by the crew as an alternative – and chose to get off the plane in LA when they realised that the airline was unable to offer them first class pyjamas in an XL size.

The plane’s departure was delayed by 30 minutes while their bags were being offloaded.

The cabin is said to have filled with laughter when the captain explained to passengers why the plane was delayed over the tannoy, The Herald Sun reported.

Passengers on the flight said that the Australian couple had told the crew: “Make sure you tell everyone why we’re so late; they didn’t have pyjamas for us,” the Herald Sun reported.

A Qantas spokesman told the Australian newspaper: “These passengers are extremely loyal and frequent flyers with Qantas and we will be making sure that everything is as it should be next time they fly with us.”

The flight was able to make up some time in the air and landed on schedule, the airline said.

The couple returned to Melbourne on a later flight.

A round-trip Qantas flight between Los Angeles and Melbourne in first class can cost upwards of AU$19,000 (£12,700) per person.

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