Video: In-flight bikini show lands budget airline VietJetAir a fine

YouTube videos of women dancing in bikinis on a Vietnamese budget airline has caused controversy.

Beauty pageant contestants in bikinis strike a pose on VietJetAir’s new route to Nha Trang. The women performed a three minute dance on board. Source: VietJetAir/Facebook

Passengers on a domestic flight to Vietnam’s popular south coastal town of Nha Trang last Friday got a surprise when a group of young women in red bikini tops began parading down the aisle mid-flight.

But the bikini show – organised by budget airline VietJetAir – backfired as the carrier was fined 20m dong (£615) for hosting the event without seeking permission from authorities, state-run media reported.

VietJetAir arranged for a group of women from a local beauty contest to perform a Hawaiian themed dance to mark its first flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang on August 3.

Passengers filmed the women on their mobile phones and posted videos on YouTube.

A spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam said that the airline had “violated local aviation regulations” by staging the three minute show without seeking permission. It said that the airline had followed all safety regulations.

The videos have stirred public debate in Vietnam’s traditionally conservative society.

It’s not the only live in-flight entertainment this year that’s been hosted by airlines for passengers and shared on YouTube. We’ve seen publicity stunts including Bollywood moves from Finnair crew and an in-flight fashion show from Virgin America.

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