Malaysia Airlines first to try ‘child-free’ upper deck on its new A380s

The airline will automatically allocate families with children to the lower deck on board its new A380s, creating a 'sanctuary' for adults on the upper deck.

Malaysia Airlines first to try 'child-free' upper deck on its new A380s

Source: Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines has decided it doesn’t want noisy babies or overexcited children in Economy disturbing premium travellers on its new A380s.

Families travelling with babies and children will be automatically allocated seats in the main all-economy lower deck – and not in economy seats upstairs, an airline spokesperson told Terminal U.

The controversial move will make the 350 seats in the lower main cabin a ‘family-friendly’ zone – while the 70 Economy, 74 Business and First class seats on the upper deck will be kept as child-free as possible.

Dato’ Mohd Salleh, Malaysia Airlines’ executive vice president, customer experience told Terminal U that babies and children would still be allowed in the Business and First cabins upstairs.

But for families travelling with children in Economy, the airline’s priority will be to seat them on the lower main deck – he said.

The policy will help the airline’s efforts to offer an ‘exclusive’ service for premium travellers, but will also benefit families, he added: “The main [lower] deck has more facilities, including toilets with 8 in economy shared between 350 seats.

“The dual aerobridge airport facility supporting this deck will also mean a speedier embarkation and disembarkation for this group of passengers.”

Even if the idea of sitting in the “child-free” upper deck appeals, there’s no guarantee it will stay that way.

“Where there is overwhelming demand for seats in economy class from families with children and infants, resulting in a full load in the main deck, we will still accommodate families in the 70-seat upper deck economy class zone,” the airline spokesperson said.

Its A380s will be equipped with six bassinets on the main deck, six in Business and three in Economy on the upper deck.

Malaysia’s flag carrier will be the eighth airline to take delivery of the A380 – with the first starting service on July 1.

It is the first airline to make a conscious effort to separate families and premium cabin areas.

In 2011, it courted controversy after banning children under 2 in First Class on its 747-400 routes.

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  1. As long as I keep at least 25,000 miles in my account, I can use those miles plus $350 for an upgadre to Business or First Class after purchasing an economy ticket. In the case of Business class upgadre, that’s a $5,000 ticket (Dallas to Seoul) for only $1300, for example. Well worth it to be able to lay down and sleep on that 13 hr flight! Plus, they loan you Bose noise cancelling headphones, a toiletry amenity kit (slippers, eye shades, toothpaste, etc.). And if you can make it all the way to a First Class enclosed suite, they even give you pajamas!

  2. Holy crap this is amazing. “Controversial”?? Psssh, every airline in the world should do this. Next time I fly to Asia (never since I have no money) I will definitely use Malaysia Airlines, purely because of this. Also, parents who are incapable of controlling their kids in the first place should be fined and jailed and I guess beaten.

  3. I am very happy of te Malaysian Airlines to set a side the Lower Dech of its A380 Airliner for the passsengers with little kids , crying or noisy youngones could be very disturbing for passengers who wishes to have a few hor nap on long haul flight. Some Parents do not even make an effort to calm down their crying babies or their noisy kids.Therefore a “Child Free” upper deck will be a welcome phenomena. There is nothing more disturbing then a piecing shrieking noise of the the very young ones, while we accept that they too must at some point travel but by the same token Parents must try and calm their off springs so that they do not disturb others , one way of doing this is to identify at home their favoriote play things or games and carry these in the hand carry Cabin bag so to use them in order to keep them occupied. Even a visit to a Pedeatric Doctor for a more restless kids or Babies prior to travel for his advise for more restless kids . Regards

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