China Southern’s new ‘Canton Route’ to challenge Qantas’s famous Kangaroo Route

Look out Qantas - China Southern's new 'Canton Route' via China aims to compete with the famous Kangaroo Route.

China Southern's new 'Canton Route' to challenge Qantas's famous Kangaroo Route

Source: Airbus

Qantas’s famous ‘Kangaroo route’ between Europe and Australia, travelled on by millions of travellers each year is about to face some new competition.

China Southern will soon offer travellers an alternative route between the UK and Australia when it launches new flights between its Guangzhou hub and London on June 6.

The airline, which already serves major Australian cities from Guangzhou, is calling its new London link the ‘Canton Route’ and says it will make the historic Chinese city “an ideal transit hub” for travellers making the day-long flight between Europe and Australia.

It brings new sightseeing opportunities for travellers used to stopping off at the popular hubs of Singapore and Bangkok while en route from Europe to Australia.

China Southern is also adding more flights between Guangzhou, Amsterdam and Paris by the middle of the year – which executive vice-president, Mr He Zongkai said he hoped would make the Canton Route as popular as the Kangaroo Route.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of excitement around the Chinese airline industry, which is poised for huge growth over the next 20 years given the country’s population of over 1 billion, the rise of the country’s middle classes and its gradual shift from being a largely domestic airline market to a globally competitive one.

China Southern, which is one of China’s ‘big three’ airlines became the first Chinese airline to fly the A380 in October 2011.

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  1. It doesn’t seem as appealing to me as transiting in BKK or SIN. For once, CAN has far less to offer to the transit tourist. And second, to step out the airport you need a Chinese visa. I bet not many people will chose this route – let aside the fact that BA and QF both offer a far better service than China Southern.

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