An airport or funfair? Singapore Changi’s latest attraction: a four storey high slide

Who says waiting at the airport has to feel like a life sentence?

Singapore Changi slide T3

Source: Changi Airport

Singapore Changi is well-known for reinventing the wheel when it comes to entertaining passengers. Following our shortlist of novel things to do, the airport has transformed some concrete space into a playground for grown ups, with a 40ft high super slide bringing passengers from Level 1 of Terminal 3′s Arrivals Hall back down to earth with a smile.

The airport has clearly thrown practicalities out the window: under 7s aren’t allowed to use the slide, (there’s no stopping parents though) and there’s clearly no room to squeeze in your shopping bags or a suitcase into the tube. But for the many passengers who transit at the Asian gateway after lengthy flights, there’s nothing like a bit of silliness when you’ve already lost your sanity!

Changi also has a one and a half storey slide for children under the age of seven, located at Terminal 3, Basement 2 level.

For every S$10 spent at the airport, passengers can redeem tokens for two rides on the slide.

What could be next? Putting helter-skelter style escape slides on planes?

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