The real “Runway” – LaGuardia airport to close its runway for a running race

Airports are offering runway fun runs - and runners don't have to worry about about being taken out by a 747.

Runners race along Runway 3 at Helsinki Airport. Source: Finavia

There aren’t many commercial airports in the world where you can pull on your trainers and run the length of the runway without getting arrested.

To try it out safely you’ll need to join an airport ‘runway run’ – a family-friendly charity race held at regional and sometimes major international airports, which will clear a runway for a short period for foot traffic.

For running enthusiasts who love the buzz of airports and don’t mind forgoing their iPod tunes for the sound of roaring jet engines, runway runs are quite the upgrade on doing loops around the local park.

Catch me if you can

For the first time, New York’s LaGuardia Airport will allow people to take part in a running race on one of its two 7,000ft long runways.

The LaGuardia Airport Runway Run – which will cover 5 km (3 miles) – will kick off at Hangar 7 on Sunday October 14.

Runners (and walkers) will have one hour to complete the race, due to FAA regulations.

Those taking part need to register and pay a small fee for entry. It’s all for a good cause and all proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Neighbouring JFK Airport held its annual JFK Runway Run in April. The 5 km (3 mile) event raises funds for the JFK Rotary Club and has been running for 30 years.

Over in Europe, Finland’s airport operator Finavia organised its own running event on Runway 3 at Helsinki Airport on July 5.

35 runners were invited to test their fitness levels by seeing how far they could run along the newly renovated Runway 3 in 12 minutes. Finnair donated their mileage points to charity.

Watch the Runway Run at Helsinki Airport…

Try it yourself

Brits wanting to have a go can try the annual Runway Run at Tibenham Airfield, south of Norwich on Sunday September 30. The fundraiser is aid of the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

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