Retro Braniff International converses to be released for fans of former airline

The new Braniff converses are designed to portray an airline that was at the cutting edge of fashion when it was flying.

Retro Braniff International converses released for fans of former airline

"Braniff gets you there with flying colours:" one of the airline's catchy advertising slogans.

Converse is known for its tie-ups with top brands from Nike to fashion house Missoni.

It’s therefore no surprise that sooner or later the global shoe brand would release a version inspired by an airline.

And not just any airline either: Braniff International.

The now defunct airline was a trend-setter back in the day, injecting colour and style into commercial air travel with brightly painted 747s and an interchangeable flight attendant wardrobe in a rainbow of shades and vivid patterns.

Converse’s newest collection of All Stars and Jack Purcells sport the Braniff International motif and translate the airline’s bold colours into the look.

Converse Japan will reportedly release the range in July.

It’s bound to be a hit with collectors of airline memorabilia, if only to wear on the plane and reminisce about the good old days of air travel.

Would you wear them? Let us know below.

What others have said

  1. OMG…as a Texan and a frequent Branniff Flyer and obessor, I want ten pairs in all configurations. Please make them available.

  2. Wow, I remember Braniff International Airlines many decades ago…they were a sight to see at the airports when they flew in. Ahhh, just great memories!

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