Japan Airlines celebrates Christmas with KFCs for passengers

Would you like the beef, fish or KFC? The Colonel's secret recipe will be landing on tray tables for Christmas.

Source: gigazine

It either sounds too good to be true, or the worst idea since stodgy economy class meals were invented.

Japan Airlines (JAL) will start serving Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to passengers in economy and premium economy cabins on certain flights out of Tokyo Narita, from December until next February.

But instead of serving KFC bucket meals, the airline will provide a meal of a drumstrick, chicken breast, flat bread, coleslaw and “special mayonnaise” on a so-called “Air Kentucky” tray.

The fast food will be served on flights bound for mainly US destinations including New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as flights to London, Paris and Frankfurt.

Japan’s KFC Christmas tradition

KFC may not be the typical Christmas meal in America, but it’s a different story in Japan, where many families have been pre-ordering their KFC Christmas dinners since the tradition began in the 1970s.

KFC Japan’s Christmas party barrels can be ordered up to two months in advance.

KFC Japan has made eating its fast food a tradition at Christmas. The fast food chain runs advertising campaigns every year for its Christmas dinners.

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  1. What about for those of us who do not eat that sort of foods? Are not into fried hormones? Are vegetarian? Of course there is an alternative, isn’t there? Perhaps adding on to this article with information about what JAL is planning to serve us?

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