Escalators too slow? French airport builds tube slide for fast, fun travel between floors

Airports haven't yet invented shoots to zip you to your gate, but a few are offering the next best thing: helter skelter slides to take the edge off long waits.

Airport slide at Lyon airport

The 19ft high slide is accessible in the ‘Vue sur Piste’ chill out area at mezzanine level.

It’s a novel twist on the airport escalator.

A French airport has found a way to lighten the mood of passengers by adding a helter-skelter slide inside the terminal.

Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport recently opened the attraction to encourage travellers, including grown-ups to unwind before takeoff.

The slide is part of the airport’s recent efforts to create chill out zones, which also feature large-screen TVs, comfy seating and have runway views.

It’s not the only slide for grown-ups at an airport.

At Singapore Changi Airport, passengers can move quickly between floors in the Terminal 3 Arrivals hall via a 40ft high helter skelter slide.

Just make sure you finish your coffee before jumping down one.

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