easyJet to introduce allocated seating on all flights

Boarding a budget airline is about to get a whole lot more civilised - but it will mean passengers paying extra to avoid a middle seat if they're automatically allocated one.

easyJet to introduce allocated seating on all flights

Source: Terminal U

The days of scrambling for a good seat on easyJet flights will soon be over, after the airline announced that it is launching allocated seating across its network.

From November, passengers travelling on easyJet flights can pay to choose their own seat or will be allocated one free of charge.

Those wishing to choose a specific seat will be charged £12 for front and exit row seats with extra leg room, £8 for seats in the four rows behind the front row and £3 for any other seat.

Passengers who choose the £12 front or exit row seats with extra legroom will be able to use easyJet’s dedicated Speedy Boarding check-in desk and board the plane first.

EasyJet said the move to allocate seating on all flights follows successful trials, with research showing that seven out of 10 passengers prefer the system to speedy boarding.

Carolyn McCall, chief executive of easyJet said that allocated seating would give passengers “a better boarding experience.”

Passengers travelling together on the same booking will be seated together wherever possible, the airline said in a statement.

Its current system – which allows customers to pay extra for speedy boarding and have the first choice of seats – will be scrapped when the airline begins allocating seating in November.

It means that easyJet will have the chance to reap extra revenues from every seat – depending on how many passengers are willing to pay extra to move theirs.

It’s the latest move by easyJet into the territory of traditional airlines as it tries to shake off its “no-frills” image, offer value and chase new customers, including a share of the lucrative corporate crowd with more expensive flexi-fares.

Do you think of easyJet’s allocated seating system is a good or a bad idea? Would you rather not pay for a specific seat and sit wherever you are allocated? Tell us your thoughts, by commenting below.

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