Chicago O’Hare Airport opens “farmers’ market” inside terminal

Passengers passing through Chicago's main airport in search of healthy food to snack on in-flight can now stock up while waiting for their flight.

Chicago O'hare farmers' market

Get your greens in before you fly at Chicago O'Hare

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport has a solution to the bland in-flight meal: a new farmers’ market selling fresh herbs grown inside the airport’s aeroponic garden.

O’Hare began supplying homegrown herbs and vegetables to airport restaurants, but now passengers can buy its produce directly at the new market in Terminal 3 near the entrance to concourse G.

While an airport is the last place you’d expect to pick up fresh produce when you’re about to spend hours in a dry cabin environment, O’Hare says it’s one way to become more sustainable.

Passengers can also buy locally-grown fresh fruit, and other healthy snacks and food at the market: part of the airport’s plan to support local food companies and farmers’ markets in Chicago’s neighbourhoods.

O’Hare plans to add homegrown honey – from beehives at the airport – to the shelves soon.

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