British Airways to let flyers watch films during take-off and landing

Cleared for take-off: BA has been given permission for passengers to use its inflight entertainment system for the whole flight.

"I was watching that!": British Airways now let flyers watch films during take-off and landing

The days of having your in-flight film abruptly switched off for landing will soon be over if you’re travelling with British Airways.

The airline has reached an agreement with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to allow passengers to use the in-flight entertainment as soon as they board the plane to when they arrive at their destination.

The relaxation of the rules applies only to BA’s long-haul flights, starting from December 1.

It will be a welcome distraction for film buffs and nervous flyers, used to having to wait until their plane is airborne before the inflight entertainment is switched on: a common practice carried out for safety reasons.

British Airways will be able to keep its seatback screens switched on for longer after satisfying the CAA that its inflight entertainment will not interfere with the aircraft’s systems.

But it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to watch an in-flight film or listen to music without interruptions as the flight crew can still override the system to make important flight announcements, including the safety briefing.

Passengers bringing personal electronic devices for entertainment – including iPads – will still be required to keep them switched off for take-off and landing.

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